Which Plywood is The Best For Your House?

    by radhakrishna | Feb 2, 2021 | Blogs

If you are worried about the safety of your house or loved ones while using wood in the décor and furniture then you must check out Marine Plywood. Another gift of advanced technology that gives your peace of mind while you get the same beauty of wood for your dream space.

Wood has been a part of home construction and furniture since forever now. Wood is not just an expensive choice but also hard to work with when it comes to creativity with furniture. Technology has created a solution for those who seek all the goodness of wood but with reduced tension of termite, moisture, chipping etc.

Commercially Marine Plywood is a great success in building boats, ships, hulls of a boat and for several other marine applications. In residential, it is predominantly used for spaces that are more prone to moisture, such as Bathrooms, Kitchens, Outdoor etc.

Marine Plywood is the perfect choice for those who want strength, beauty, longevity, as well as safety while using wood for decorating home space. There are many qualities that make Marine Plywood the ultimate choice of the smart consumer today, who wants value for money.

1.       Water & Termite Resistant:  Marine Plywood is treated to fight moisture as well as common problems like a termite. Moisture is the biggest enemy of wood as it can lead to rotting and even degrading of the structure. 

2.      Smooth finish: With a uniformly fine surface it gives a classy look to the overall décor. Like other Plywoods, it can be painted and polished too.

3.       Sturdy & Durable: The perfectly glued layers with even edges and uniform thickness make it more robust than other Plywood's. It is known to maintain its strength over the years even under stressful weather conditions. It is also resistant to regular impacts owing to its density.

4.       Resilience: This feature makes it extremely helpful for creative designs and décor. It is strong and still flexible enough to give it different shapes, without cracking like wood.

5.       Adaptability: Various qualities make it one of the best products for almost every construction, be it a boat or home furniture. The strength makes it ideal for places that face more harsh weather conditions.

Getting in the technical details of Marine Plywood production –:

Marine Plywood has five or more layers that are bonded with waterproof adhesive. Multi-layers are glued at very high pressure with an especially formulated phenolic resin which gives it unmatched strength from the core. It is the process of creating Marine Plywood with various treatments that makes it strong and water-resistant. The uniform thickness gives it the strength to bear weight and other regular wear and tear.


Marine plywood is a suitable choice, given that you purchase it from quality producers, dealers or sellers. For long-lasting performance, you must always purchase from a reliable and authentic manufacturer.


Talking about quality and trust Radha Krishna Plywood is one of the credible and best plywood manufacturers inYamunanagar, Haryana. The brand deals with the production of different kinds of plywood such as commercial, calibrated, shuttering, marine, blockboard, flush door and general purpose plywood. The special grade Marine Plywood manufactured as per IS:710 is one of the best and supreme quality products being delivered by Radha Krishna Plywood.

Radha Krishna Plywood uses advanced techniques to prepare marine plywood to withstand your requirements. It manufactures plywood with immense care to meet the set standards of ISI and that makes them one of the most trusted plywood manufacturers in India.

Many market players cannot be completely trusted with the process and mechanism of their marine plywood production. But you can definitely trust Radha Krishna Plywood for their hygienic processes and stringent quality checks. The anti-swelling and moisture-resistant features of Radha Krishna Marine Plywood make it uniquely compatible to survive in humid or dry conditions. Hailing from Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, Radha Krishna established its brand image in the market for decades and serving the customers in India with the promise of the best quality plywood.

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